About us

Welcome to Mangrove Cafe & Bakery, a cozy, Thai restaurant and cafe nestled in the heart of Spokane Valley, Washington. A family-owned, locally operated business, Mangrove serves deliciously authentic home-cooked Thai meals.

The name ''Mangrove'' evokes the image of a thriving ecosystem, a testament to the diverse range of flavors and influences that make up Thai cuisine - from the rich, creamy northern curried noodle dish Khao Soi, to the classic Pad Thai.

Ratree, our head cook, comes from the rural landscapes of southern Thailand and brings with her a deep-rooted love for food, art, and travel. Drawing inspiration from her upbringing and extensive culinary experiences, Ratree weaves together authentic Thai recipes with a creative twist.

The Mangrove Cafe also prides itself on being green. The furniture is fully upcycled and there’s an onsite organic garden, with herbs and vegetables. Unused water from the cafe is boiled and used to water the plants and wash the floors. Single-use plastics are avoided and leftover scraps are composted where possible.